i2C and BIM Academy have recently formed an alliance in Australia.

BIM Academy is a commercial joint venture co-founded in the UK in 2010 by Ryder Architecture & Northumbria University.

Their mission is to help transform clients’ business in the built environment through the intelligent application of digital modelling, coordinated data systems and collaborative working practice. Independent research-based expertise is combined with practical experience from industry to deliver real value throughout the project lifecycle. From briefing through construction and into operation, their approach works for projects, regardless of type or size.

As the UK has seen the initiative to mandate BIM by 2016, the BIM Academy is also directly supporting the UK Government’s National BIM Library and a Digital Plan of Works.

They provide the following services:
Strategic Implementation
Project Services
Asset Management

An International Centre of Excellence for Building Information Modelling (BIM) through the complementary activities of research, education and consultancy.

Through the Ryder Alliance, BIM Academy have also created a teaming agreement with i2C.

In Australia BIM Academy is represented by Sam Collard (BIM Academy) and Will Joske (i2C). Behind these two is a back of house that spans three companies and we are currently developing a wider support base specifically in Australia.

We recently undertook a series of workshops with clients to canvass their thoughts and opinions on the appropriate adoption of this technology. In all, nineteen companies with over 140 individuals in attendance were visited in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. They comprised building contractors, consultants, project managers and the building supply chain.

Access BIM Academy Roadshow here.

Access the Capability Statement here.

Will Joske talks about the Road Show.

Learn more about the workshops here.

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