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Sustainability Update: Biophilia

The study of Biophilia and the extent of research that clearly links physical and psychological health benefits to Biophilic design which make this a topic of considerable interest to building owners, business managers and construction professionals. Both the Living Building Challenge and the WELL building standard have biophilic elements encorporated within their standards.

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The Changing Retail Landscape

The transformation in the process of shopping and shopping behaviour over the last decade has been extraordinary. The growth in online shopping, the changing mind-set of consumers, and the rise of digital and social media has led to a much more fragmented approach to shopping in terms of what, where, how and why people buy. The online possibilities have opened the retail scope to international activity, changing the focus of traditional retail process into a more connected and convenient relationship.

There are many factors which influence the retail sector at global and local levels along with society trends that will have a profound influence on the retail environment, some of the major influences being;

  • The growth in urban population
  • Self-driving cars and the revolutionary impact they will have on all aspects of mobility and transport.
  • Increasing information flow and the role of all types of media

The necessity of ecological sustainable development.

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Collaboration around the globe

Formed in 2010 the Ryder Alliance has been a conduit for learning and development across all participating partners. The last few months have seen two exchanges completed with i2C, Ryder and Ward Robinson participating. With Terri Baisley from i2C heading over to Ryder and Louise Roberts from Ward Robinson coming over to i2C’s Melbourne office, there was clear excitement around this set of exchanges as it was the first round that Ward Robinson have participated.

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