Delacombe Town Centre Construction Time Lapse Video Update

Time lapse footage delivers an exciting perspective to the construction site at Delacombe Town Centre.

Time lapse video: Supplied by H.Troon. Created by reliveit.

Project Name: Delacombe Town Centre

Client: H.Troon

Cost: 32m

Expertise: Retail, Commercial, Cinemas

Location: Delacombe, VIC

Builder: H.Troon

Status: Construction


‘Health’ is the new ‘Green’

This month Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) released their ‘Carbon positive road-map discussion paper’ including their mission to make new buildings in Australia carbon neutral by 2030 and all existing stock by 2050, clearly demonstrating their commendable commitment to advocate and enable the construction sector to face up to their responsibilities for production of Carbon Emissions and drive environmental sustainability. 

Making Healthier, Greener Offices


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Cranbourne North Retail Centre

The Cranbourne North strip consists of three separate retail buildings with a car park located at the rear of the complex. The result is a creative, less predictable architectural design that both complements and provides an interesting contrast to The Avenue Shopping Centre.

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