We have over 200 hundred people in 10 cities delivering architectural excellence across 7 time zones.

i2C has joined the Ryder Alliance, an international collaboration of like minded, similar sized practices that share the same ethos and entrepreneurial ambition with expertise in a range of areas providing international capacity and credibility.

The partners believe by working together we will continue to develop and provide great opportunities for our people and our clients on a global level with a specific interest in research based design.

Architectural practice in the 21st century has seen the increasing pressure on the environmental impact of buildings, methods of construction and their impact in use. The international move towards integrated multidisciplinary working, with BIM being the catalyst that has led to the creation of Ryder Alliance.

i2C joins the Alliance with Ryder Architecture (UK) and welcomes BIM Academy to Australian shores as part of the expansion of our combined offerings.

Learn more about the background of Ryder Alliance here.


An entrepreneurial
alliance employing
research and advanced
technologies to redefine
architectural practice.


These challenges present huge opportunity. Clients are seeking talented people dedicated to delivering an unrivalled service coupled with the best in architectural design – the best by international standards.

Visit the Ryder Alliance website.

Contact Will Joske (i2C) for BIM Academy Australia enquiries.