The Eatery, Melbourne Central opens amid restrictions

GPT Group’s $2M refurbishment of The Eatery’ at Melbourne Central has been completed. Key features include a new precinct flooring and a feature ceiling, new joinery which doubles the usage capacity and an overlay of contemporary lighting to brighten the public realm. Local artist David Meggs Hooke was commissioned to create an impressive mural, which really complements the space.

i2C wish to congratulate the project team at GPT, Insitu Group Pty Ltd, TSA Management, ADP Consulting Pty Ltd, De Fazio and Stanmor Ceramics for delivering this project amidst COVID-19 restrictions. We are proud to have been part of the team working on ‘The Eatery’ and look forward to the public being able to enjoy the space soon.

Client: GPT

Location: Melbourne, NSW

Builder: Insitu Group

Mural: David Meggs Hooke

Tiles: De Fazio (furniture tiles) and Stanmor Ceramics (floor tiles)

Photography: Andrew Ashton, Photography

Status: Complete