We see each project as a journey where bonds are forged with clients and stakeholders.

We roll up our sleeves and get down to work with every project. It’s important for us to establish a keen understanding of the clients business, scope, biggest challenges and what success looks like to them. As an integrated team – what do we want to achieve? We understand that budgetary control is a given, but what additional value can we create to achieve the best possible outcome.


We believe listening is extremely important and often under rated. Meaningful communication with every client, at every stage, and on every project is crucial to a true understanding of scope and focused intention.

Fostering long term relationships ensures that i2C completely understand the deliverables on all projects. Our work is based on a culture of seeking challenges and delivering highly creative concepts and outcomes that exceed expectations.

i2C understands the idiosyncrasies and philosophies of great architecture and practical building techniques and believe that providing a point of difference is vital to every new design.

We commit ourselves to deliver this outcome and will enter every project discussion with the honesty and integrity required for an uncompromised end result.