i2C and BIM Academy have formed an alliance in Australia.

BIM Academy was co-founded by Northumbria University and Ryder Architecture in 2010 as a centre of excellence for digital engineering and transformation. We have developed an international reputation as a valued support for the real estate and infrastructure sectors through our consultancy, research and education activities. BIM Academy undertakes work in many countries, with primary hubs in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong.

We help transform our clients’ business through the intelligent application of smart processes and digital technologies. Independent, research based expertise is combined with practical experience from the industry to deliver real value throughout the whole life cycle. We maintain close links with all major software vendors but at the same time offer impartial advice and support to organisations on their path to digital adoption and deployment, adding value and reducing risk.

We have no hidden agenda. We start from first principles. We get under the skin of your business. We drive real value for you.

In Australia BIM Academy is represented by Will Joske and Claire Bowles. Behind Will and Claire are a back of house that spans three companies and we are currently developing a wider support base specifically in Australia.

Access the Capability Statement here.

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