The right buildings in the right locations, creating lasting communities in the heart of our cities.

With the emergence of a new sector in the Australian market, i2C Architects have placed themselves at the leading edge of the “build to rent” (B2R) design thinking. i2C is leveraging off the US and UK market research and knowledge and fine tuning it for Australian conditions as B2R establishes itself over the next 12 to 18 months. i2C Architects nationally has invested considerably in understanding this new sector and have joined forces with Ryder Architects out of UK, Canada and Hong Kong. Together we bring the knowledge and experience of Ryder learnings from the design of over 3000 “B2R” apartments during the past five to seven years, into Australia.

“People want flexibility, health in mind and body, holistic and meaningful place-making community.”

Flexible Delivery Systems

Based on the UK format, we have developed a concept which provides a high quality, stimulating and innovative living space for residents with emphasis on flexibility. Build to Rent developers will see cost savings due to a reduction in construction time, improved cost certainty and a lean project management structure. Landlords will benefit from improved whole life costs including a reduction in maintenance fees.

Our solution reduces the overall construction costs for the building and provides greater flexibility to the developer, landlord and residents which creates an ever changing and constant cycle of tenants who live in a flexible and high-quality environment.

We have a dynamic team approach that brings a unique environment to the Architectural Industry.
Our ethos is one that embraces fun, flexibility and professionalism.

We are passionate about our people, our projects, our culture and our clients. We derive great pride by contributing to the wider community through our skills and talent, both professional and personal. We help others to change their world by continually challenging our own. We stand at the forefront of our industry. Creating original and sustainable design solutions and continually reaching for new levels of distinction.

Please contact us if you would like one of our team to come and connect with you on a Build to Rent project.