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Total Facilities 2019

Sustainability Lead Claire Bowles joins Total Facilities speaker panel on Thursday 21 March to discuss Biophilia – a natural approach  building design.

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What Can Retail Architecture Learn From Performance Art?

It’s 1988. A fashion show is going down at your local shopping centre food court, the strobe lights are flashing wildly, the area has been washed in a hot pink colour light and someone has set up a smoke machine. A teenage pop singing sensation is about to enter stage left and her 10-year old fans are going crazy. It’s a sight to behold – a brief glimpse of what the future of retail has in store for us.

Flash forward thirty years to a concert in Sydney – a band on an otherwise empty stage, the scenes set purely by light and colour without which it would probably feel like we were watching a gig practice in someone’s mum’s garage. The place making qualities of the event are not physical, the band isn’t enclosed by a surface or envelope, yet the audible has become visible and the magic of the performance has been created only through immateriality, hues and tone.

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