Category: Project Updates

Westpoint Fresh Food

The project began in late 2017 when i2C’s Interiors Studio was engaged by QIC to revitalise the design of the Fresh Food Precinct at Westpoint Shopping Centre in Blacktown, NSW. The brief was to create a space that people could meander through, slowing down the pace and encouraging them to stay for a while. The space was not a conventional food court as it only had a few dedicated food kiosks. The experience was more about refuge and interaction between people.

The existing space had a lot of design potential as it was situated within a four-storey atrium filled with natural light. The vision for the precinct was to create a Mediterranean inspired piazza with white brick architecture, timber accents and silvery green foliage throughout. The design was intended to be versatile for all users incorporating communal tables for larger groups, individual seating with USB access for people wanting to relax and recharge on their own, comfort for older patrons and a kid’s play area with lounge seating for parents.

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Build to Rent. Market Update

Having attended a Build to Rent (BTR) conference in Sydney early in 2018, we were eager to understand how the market had progressed over the past 18 months. With extensive BTR knowledge through our UK Alliance partners Ryder Architecture, we took the opportunity to deliver a workshop on day two of this year’s Criterion BTR conference at the Rendezvous Hotel in Melbourne. To ensure we hit the mark we seconded Andrew Costa, a Partner at Ryder Architecture, from their London studio. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge in this sector, having delivered over 3,000 apartments in the UK BTR to sector during the past few years and with another 3,000 on the drawing board.

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Melbourne Central ELLA (Part 2)

After a long gestation period of about four years and numerous proposals, the design for ELLA Part 2 (former Comm Bank, then Hub site) was finally agreed based on a design by Therefore Studio in conjunction with i2C. Construction starting in early 2019.

This new food and culture precinct makes for a space to sit and relax whilst listing to music, catching up with friends and colleagues, working on your laptop or just generally taking in the ambience.  It links LaTrobe Street with the newly opened ELLA laneways, taking pressure off the overly congested entry to the railway station.

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Geebung Service Centre

Freedom Fuel’s and Taste My Bean drive thru coffee offering located prominently in a busy, heavily industrial area of Brisbane.

i2C incorporated the recently redesigned Freedom sales and food layout into the development along with a drive thru coffee outlet.

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On site at Eastern Creek Quarter

Construction of the first stage of Eastern Creek Quarter is well underway with key aspects of the site staring to take shape.

Precast concrete panels for the centre exterior walls can be seen propped and supported, ready for final structural fastening and connection to steel structure. Air handling units and other mechanical equipment have been delivered to site, for ceiling plenum installation.

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