The Perth studio has moved!

i2C Perth Studio has moved into our new office space at level 8, 99 St Georges Terrace.

We’ve packed up the old place and are unpacking at our new studio down the road.

We look forward to seeing you at our new digs!

i2C’s Interior Studio go rogue with Melbourne Central Amenities

When GPT approached us to design the amenities at the infamous Melbourne Central, their brief was simple – go rogue. Melbourne Central is known for its quirkiness so very early on we knew we wanted to create a strong identity for the space by introducing some kooky characters.

We worked through various options, there were flamingos with lady legs, leopards with elephant heads and hippos in raincoats, we tried it all. The final design went fully down the rabbit hole with something unexpected around each corner. Our cool cat in glasses greets you at the entry, with duck duck-goose leading you into each uniquely imagined amenity. Designing these eccentric spaces was a fun collaboration between the Interiors Studion and our resident Graphic Designer. His creative spin really brought our ideas to life and the result is a space unique to Melbourne Central you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Project: Melbourne Central Amenities

Client: GPT

Builder: Insitu Group

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Status: Completed

Photography: Kit Haselden

Perth Studio is on the move!

i2C’s Perth Studio is moving into a new space, just down the road at level 8, 99 St Georges Terrace. We’ll be working at the new address from Monday 15 December.

We look forward to seeing you at our new digs.

Northern Arc Hyperloop

We are on the edge of significant innovation in transport innovation with driverless cars, drone deliveries, electric vehicles and response to climate emergency all likely to change the infrastructure of our cities. Agglomeration across our cities is increasingly seen as an economic necessity to compete in world markets and emerging technology seeks to reduce reliance on domestic air travel to provide more sustainable high speed travel between cities.

Ryder and Arup were selected as one of ten winners in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, fending off competition from thousands of international entries. An ideas competition, the challenge called for compelling opportunities where practical application of the evolving technology could be explored. Our Northern Arc proposal – which would link Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool – was one of 34 routes shortlisted.

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