The Byford design philosophy is driven by the need to maximise the potential areas within the title boundary to suit the requirement for large format shops that will operate within the precinct. The challenge was to maintain the responsible scale and proportions of the development while generating particular focal points across each of the four facades that are outward facing.

The other driver of the design was the need to maintain the swale and to provide a landscaped area that channels the water from upstream while adding additional benefits to the development in the form of natural beautification using plantings and stone gabion walls and the creation of usable spaces for pedestrian outlook and rest spaces.

The architectural façade treatment has been thoughtfully designed to embrace the rural environment while presenting natural looking elements and materials in a unique detailed application to create buildings that hold a sense connection to the landscape in which it is placed.

The use of timber vertical columns with folding canopies at the entry points make reference the large expansive verandas typical of large farm houses and rural and industrial buildings while the timber and gabion tenancy façade claddings represent a sense of familiarity with local materials such as timber and stone.

In addition to the main shop precinct, a double level building that is located at the entrance to the precinct carries the materials presented on the main building however with subtle variations. The design intention was to create a landmark building that is modern in appearance and reflective of the development that is occurring in the Byford region.

Client Showgun Investments Pty Ltd
Value $15M
Type retail
Year 2014
Status In Planning/DA

34 Abernethy Road, Byford, WA

Byford, WA
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