The Cranbourne North strip consists of three separate retail buildings with a carpark located at the rear of the complex. The result is a creative, less predictable architectural design that both complements and provides an interesting contrast to the Avenue Shopping Centre.


Our intention was to create a design that sat comfortably with the existing developments however would also be a focal point for the area. The intention was to step away from the ‘typical’ retail strip and work towards a standout development with a minimalist approach of raw materials however using large suspended concrete panels and open areas. All at the same time as keeping the fundamentals of a retail development with large clear glazing for visibility into the shops.
Having large amounts of concrete and in particular, suspended concrete panels would also prove to be a challenge structurally as well as financially.


Although challenging at times the end result of is something that the project team, builders and the client are all very happy with. The use of suspended raw concrete panels and minimal colours really makes the development stand out and becomes a point of difference in the area. The use of angles around the glazing adds depth into the development and compliments the overall design.
The corner building with the large suspended concrete panels is easily visible from a main thorough fare through the area in Thompsons Road and really becomes a focal point.

Client The Avenues Pty Ltd
Value 3m
Type retail, mixed-use
Year 2016
Status Complete
Builder Buildcept

160 William Thwaites Boulevard, Cranbourne North, Victoria, Australia 3977

Cranbourne North Vic

Photography: Tom Ross

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