Often with a shopping centre refurbishment the design takes precedence over planning by replacing like for like in a new and fresh way. However, with this refurbishment, planning and design were on par, driven by the clients want for the compilation of parts to be more cohesive and user-friendly.

It then became about making the most of the existing layout and forgotten spaces such as the clever link in the newly formed area between the extension and the existing centre; the dining precinct.

The dining precinct was originally designed as a link but then throughout the process became the focus and lead to the client wanting more emphasis added to the existing internal west mall entry. This project was an everchanging entity with the scope morphing and growing with each passing week and the clients love of what was beginning to form before their eyes.

They extended the scope by added the secondary entrance to be upgraded and match the main façade; the whole centre to be repainted; the existing amenities to be upgraded and brought up to code where possible; and for the main mall entry to be upgraded to have a statement “laneway” aesthetic to align with the new dining precinct.

Stage 4 – Rear entry statement, existing amenities upgrade and façade painting

Stage 5 – Existing mall entry upgrade to create statement “laneway” to accompany dining precinct and existing mall flooring upgrade

Stage 6 – Retail design management of new food tenancy fit outs




One of the main challenges of this project regarding construction, was the state of the original structure and that the building has been added to again and again over its lifetime. Elements have been added onto the building without consideration for the existing structure or flow between new and existing.
The project resulted in an initial review of the existing structure and problem solving on site as more of the original structure was uncovered, altering the level of what could be achieved. Nothing on site was consistent, so nothing could be assumed, and everything had to be carefully reviewed.
This was especially difficult with the flooring change as the additional structures and upgrades led to stress on the volatile clay bedding. Adding to this, was the finished floor level in several places was on top four or more tiles layered on top of each other leading to creative problem-solving on site.


Fairfield Gardens shopping centre is an integral part of the community it belongs to and acts as a central hub bringing the inhabitants of the area together. Previously the centre didn’t command attention from the street, making it hard to locate and it wasn’t meeting the needs of the growing community it serviced. Throughout this project the end users and their needs were ofparamount importance, driving the design and on site decisions.
All parties involved wanted to create a centre that local shoppers would be proud of and be a place to for them to come together to eat, shop and connect. This has proven to be successful and has resulted in the increase of turnover and the number customers coming to the centre.

2019 Finalist, Property Council of Australia 2019 Retail Awards for Excellence in Presentation.

Client Retail First and Yu Feng Group
Value $10m
Type interiors
Year 2018
Status Complete
Builder Beech and Built

180 Fairfield Road Fairfield

Fairfield QLD

Photography: ArchiShot, Blake Brockdorff

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