i2C were involved in the project as lead architectural designers and interior designers from concept sketches through to construction services.

The brief from the client, was to upgrade the existing shopping centre façade and an extension to include an Aldi with carparks underneath. The facade design and upgrade were important to the process as not only would it improve the overall aesthetics of the building but draw in new customers by creating much needed street appeal. This element would also ensure the extension was cohesive with the existing centre as the client was afraid there was no unifying link between old and new and was becoming a patchwork of parts. The facade was also a way to design a hierarchy on the building and ultimately create a wayfinding element to draw the user to the key locations.

Stage 1 – New Aldi and under croft car park, pedestrian bridge and ramp from existing centre

Stage 2 – Main front entry and façade

Stage 3 – Outdoor dining precinct and mall connection

Stage 4 – Rear entry statement, existing amenities upgrade and façade painting


There were several challenges during the project, from the design stages through to construction. The new building extension for Aldi was proposed over a portion of land that was filled with existing services including a Telstra tower and sewage lines. The site is also located on a floodplain and had experienced devastating floods in the past. Designing on a site with these parameters was challenging for the team and required several creative solutions.


Fairfield Gardens shopping centre is an integral part of the community it belongs to and acts as a central hub bringing the inhabitants of the area together. Previously the centre didn’t command attention from the street, making it hard to locate and it wasn't meeting the needs of the growing community it serviced. Throughout this project the end users and their needs were of paramount importance, driving the design and on site decisions.
All parties involved wanted to create a centre that local shoppers would be proud of and be a place to for them to come together to eat, shop and connect. This has proven to be successful and has resulted in the increase of turnover and the number customers coming to the centre.

Client Retail First and Yu Feng Group
Value $12 - $15m
Type retail
Year 2018
Status Complete
Builder Built and Beech

18 Fairfield Road, Fairfield QLD

Fairfield QLD

Photography: ArchiShot, Blake Brockdorff

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