Modern, fun, industrial and functional was the visual design philosophy.

Our structural design intent was to focus on and pay homage to the existing architectural elements of the structure. The beautiful exposed oak timber roof trusses, exposed corrugated iron roof sheeting all remain to complement the expressed steel painted charcoal and the white washed exposed brick walls. To enhance these industrial elements of the building we created interiors with modern natural colours, timber, stone and concrete. In the carpet design we added a flare of fresh green amongst the charcoal to provide a pop of colour along with the orange container and random furniture pieces.

The office space includes multiple meeting rooms and zones making it a collaborative yet productive environment. Upon entering the building you are greeted to an open plan art gallery space. With the art gallery intended to be an extension of our overall design space, it was important to find like-minded tenants that would embrace our culture and vision. This allows the space to be used as a communal meeting / function space for all. A refined industrial staircase that leads you to our intimate and funky reception area and meeting rooms. A two storey void atrium was introduced to the south wall of the building open to the elements. It was also created to reflect and represent the Melbourne laneway vibe; complete with bluestone paving and graffiti artwork. Whilst providing the open plan office with an abundance of natural light, the void provides a connection to the external elements; something very rare in a Collingwood warehouse structure. Another feature we used to increase natural light were solar-tube lighting which is installed into the meeting rooms, print area and amenities.

Client i2C
Value 2M
Type interiors
Year 2015 - 2018
Status Complete
Builder Invoke

29 Cromwell Street Collingwood, VIC 3066

Collingwood, VIC

Photography: Nick Dean