Lake Macquarie Fair / Mount Hutton Shopping Centre is located on the eastern side of Lake Macquarie, only 14km from Newcastle's CBD.

Currently, the two centres are located on adjacent sites with a pedestrian walkway link. In the past they operated as two independent shopping centres. Due to this, the architectural language of the centres vastly differ, and there is no convenient method for the visitor of move between the two.

The architectural concept looks at consolidating the two malls, relocating the existing second major tenant, introducing a new food precinct and specialty tenancies, providing additional undercroft car parking and updating the centre to a modern architectural aesthetic.

Three fundamental design generators were established to define the development of the concept:

Convenience - if the centre is not convenient or a joy to use for its visitors it will not be utilised as best it could be;

Activity - make good space that is active and used - space where people will want to spend time in;

Meeting place – create a place that is not just a shopping mall, but an integrated social hub of the community.

We strive to achieve the above through   the following architectural interventions:

The triangulated entry structure takes its form from the bellowing yachts that the area is best known for and named after. The selected finishes resonate with the warm materials and textures of their hulls. This unique geometrical language is carried through into the feature tenancy below, with its triangluated glazing and angular facade.

This   unique entry feature  promotes an appropriate scale and identity. It screens off the internal courtyard - the central focus of the entrance forecourt,  by providing protection and shelter from rain and prevailing winds and offers visitors a nice place to sit on a miserable day.

A similar logic is applied to the adjacent facade edges. These facades utilise sun shading devices, planters, street furrniture and light wells to create warm inviting spaces.

Along these facades, architectural elements such as integrated planters, sun shading screens and seating are used to provide a human scale.

The overall colour scheme relates to the nautical theme of the region. Colours are muted and reserved, with warm highlights and visual interest from the unique triangular screens and sun shading devices.

Client Charter Hall
Value $50m
Type retail
Year 2017
Status Construction
Builder Mainbrace

46 Wilsons Rd, Mount Hutton NSW Australia 2290

Lake Macquarie, NSW
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