A sense of place, community and distinction are the defining aspects to the design philosophy behind the Roxburgh Park Town Centre Development.

Public spaces that incorporate architectural aspects typical in Middle Eastern cultures are visually dynamic, defined by various heights with narrow spaces designed for movement, wider spaces for places of gathering. Degrees of shading is created by existing large canopy trees and solid canopies. The centre aims to provide the community with entertainment, cafes, meeting places, services and essentials and in general, ownership of the community centre precinct as a whole.

The town centre development encourages activity throughout the site by providing points of interest that create meeting places for leisure and relaxation. Nodal points link various aspects of the site with the surrounding context and residential areas. Pedestrian movement activates the streetscapes and pathways throughout the site, connecting the centre with the surrounding area and the Roxburgh Park Station.



An undulating sloping site that resulted in one entry lobby located significantly higher than the other was overcome by creating a ramped retail mall that formed the main accessway through the new centre and created a pedestrian link between the new centre and existing centre located at the lower level.

Maintaining access for all the specialty tenancies flanking the ramped retail mall was paramount whilst minimising reduction in lettable floor area within these tenancies.

Natural ventilation is facilitated by the retail mall roof design that directs rising hot air towards high-level louvres that discharge externally. Natural light streams into the building through high-level, translucent glazing that significantly reduces the glare from direct sunlight and illuminates the mall evenly to create a pleasant internal community environment whilst reducing energy usage.


The highly-successful first stage of the development opened to the public on November 2012 as result of a fantastic collaboration between i2C, Colonial First State Global Asset Management and Probuild. The design concept will be extended in subsequent stages to include additional tenancies and further activation of the pedestrian access to Roxburgh Park train station.

In 2014 Roxburgh Park has been a Finalist in both Property Council of Australia Awards and Asia Pacific Shopping Centre Awards.

Project Feedback

“The result is well coordinated documentation, a reduction in RFI’s and on site administration, leading to quality projects that can be built on time and on budget.”

Ben Weber - Project Manager, Probuild

Client Colonial First State Global Asset Management
Value $40 M
Type retail, urban
Year 2012
Status Complete

250 Somerton Road, Roxburgh Park, Vic

Roxburgh Park, VIC

Photography: Nick Doolan

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