Woolworths, one of Australia’s retail giants anchored by a national supermarket chain and Discount department store. Over the past 12 years i2C has been involved in over 100 projects for Woolworths developments.


Developments ranging from $5M to $100M present their own challenges, and every project gets the same attention to detail. Managing stakeholder expectations forms a big part of how we operate. Some of the smaller difficult projects can be the most rewarding when impossible challenges are solved.

It’s a team effort, and i2C plays a big part, we set design milestones and continually review and improve our systems.

We push hard on our client to realise the designs as we believe they should be.

The past 10 years, technology has changed, we’ve embraced the change to deliver better design outcomes. We have tools that streamline the workflow with everyone. This has enabled us to focus on our real value in design and service.


i2C’s commitment to design and service is why our relationship with Woolworths continues to flourish.

It’s a relationship that will continue as retail trends change and new challenges are put to us. We enjoy working with this key client.

Client Woolworths
Value $2M (average per store)
Type retail
Year 2005
Status Ongoing

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