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We have a responsibility to positively
shape our future. We focus on people,
place and nature to inspire designs.

Better Building,
Vibrant Community

SUSTAINABILITY is an evolved conversation. It has moved beyond ‘do less harm’ to ‘make a positive impact’. We talk less of resource conservation, energy efficiency and negative impacts and more of human health and well-being, resilience, regeneration, and repair of our ‘whole’ ecosystem.

i2C works with clients to identify and prioritise key sustainability factors and recommend effective design strategies that positively impacts people, projects, organisations, communities and our wider global environment.

Design for Human Health and Wellbeing placing people at the heart of designs to promote positive social impacts and behaviours within local communities.

Reconnect people

SOCIAL ISOLATION may carry greater risks of early death than the risks associated with smoking, drinking and obesity.

  • Take a user comfort centred approach to design.
  • Integrate biophilic design principles within our designs.
  • Specify non toxic fixtures and finishes for better indoor environment.
  • Encourage active lifestyles through design for Walkability.
Advocate for resource efficient and ecological designs that consider our environment at every stage of the design process.

Rediscover nature

EVERY SINGLE MAJOR ecological system is declining exponentially.

  • Specify non-toxic materials.
  • Use salvaged products where possible and consider the local supply chain.
  • Advocate for renewable energy production onsite.
  • Carefully consider how to regenerate the local biodiversity.
  • Treat water as a precious resource not a waste product. Integrate water sensitive urban design.
Design places where life can flourish, and can better understand our climate and our culture through place.

Celebrate place

  • Gather data on how people use, experience and interact with the current space.
  • Understand the needs of the local community so that designs meet their needs.
  • Find innovative new approaches to placemaking through cross company design review process.
  • Educate communities through inspiring sustainable designs and reconnection to natural systems and past memories.

Initiatives and Resources

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