Ruth Dooley


Ruth’s architectural experience started in 2009, where she spent her formative years in the health planning and design sector. After the completion of the award winning Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria, Ruth’s skills developed in the retail and planning sector and have since fully submerged herself in master planning and design.

Ruth brings creative solutions to strategic thinking, her architectural expertise includes the delivery of various projects sizes, from high level strategic planning of public and private spaces to the ability to manage and deliver projects to completion.

She has a special interest in solving complex planning solutions, developing innovative solution to coexist alongside increasing density and urbanisation. She has focus predominately on designing towards improving the everyday life of users through strategy planning of environmental infrastructures and elements.

2018 Architect, i2C Architects

2014 Project Designer, i2C Architects

2010 Architectural Assistant, Billard Leece Bates Smart Joint Venture

2009 – 2011 Billard Leece Partnership Architects & Urban Planners